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September 10, 2019 3 min read

So your ready to start your fitness journey, you have your gym membership, bought your supplements and now your wondering how to get started with with lifting weights.

80% of fitness results come from diet but the remaining 20% is the most important part of the routine to get your muscles into the best shape possible whether you are trying to build muscle or lean and tone.

Learn Proper Form When Exercising

Anyone can walk in and start lifting weights but its all technique when it comes to seeing your fitness goals unfold.

First and foremost before getting started you want to warm up your muscles by using light weight and stretching.

When it comes to form you want fully contract that muscle and focus on TUT "time under tension" this allows the muscle to perform its full range of motion that it was originally designed to do. By performing a half rep or using swinging motion your aiding or helping the muscle achieve the lift with a force of lets say 50-60% rather than focusing on using 100% of the muscle.

To learn more about proper form you can check out our free fitness videos located on our site under fitness guide then click workout videos. Here we have over 50+ videos for each muscle group showing you how to lift the right way!


Select the Correct Weight For Sets & Reps

Its easy to see your favorite super hero go in and start throwing heavy things around, but just like everyone we all have limits. By going for a weight you do not feel comfortable with an injury can occur that will lead to problems in the future. Therefore aim for a weight that you can use continuous without straining yourself.

When performing sets and reps lets break down what this terminology means

Reps or "repetitions" is the amount of lifts you perform in that one exercise For example: 15 repetitions of bicep curls

Sets which means how many times you will perform that specific exercise

For example: 4 sets x 15 reps of bicep curls "in total you will be curling 60 times but breaking that down into 4 sets"

Key Tip - Make sure you pick a weight that allows you to finish all sets and reps but still getting a nice tight and pump feeling in your muscle.


Figuring Out What To Train On Lifting Days

Your body contains many muscle groups that can work independently or together in syncso when you start exercising you will need to workout certain muscle groups to help prevent being really sore or possibly hurting yourself.

There are multiple ways you can lift and you will hear multiple opinions

Like lifting chest & triceps, exercising one muscle group a day, or doing a full body workout, but the body does need rest in order to recover fully allowing you to break down the muscle and rebuild it without delays.

Recover, Recover, Recover!

Alright so now you know what to do but this is an extra piece of information that is vital. Our bodies are working constantly everyday while constantly repairing itself and without sleep/rest the body will not function properly.

When you leave the gym after a great workout it is vital that you allow 24-48 hours of rest per muscle group unless you are sore you might need to wait 72 hours or more. you will find over time the more often you start going the soreness will eventually start going away because your muscles adapt to your new routine. (even though your muscles may not be sore there will still be micro tears that need to repair before going back to the gym to train that muscle again.)