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February 17, 2020 2 min read

Try this warm-up workout for a tighter core, glutes, and stronger quads

 Transform your morning feels from "bleh" to Ah-ma-zing !


#1 Squat jumps - 2 sets of 15

  • This is a compound exercise that targets multiple muscles at once. It targets the quadriceps, core, glutes, and calves. For added intensity and to help build more muscle, add ankle weights.



#2 Fire hydrants - 2 sets of 20

  • This exercise will sculpt your glutes in no-time. Add a resistance band for a challenge! Use your upper body and squeeze your core for greater stability. Breathe deeply throughout and take a small break if needed. Just don't give up and remember to do the same to both sides. Your legs and gluten will be on fire with this one, no doubt.



Switch to your back and give those legs a rest !


#3 Frog crunches- 1 minute

  • Set your abs on fire with this ab exercise. Squeeze your abs as you come up.



#4 Donkey whips - 2 sets of 15

  • The goal is control, do not rush! Make sure you are feeling each movement. Your gluten should feel tense and eventually burn.
  • Add intensity with a resistance band
  • These are the different variations! Choose the one that you feel most comfortable with, with or without the resistance band.




#5 Wide-legged squat hold - Hold for 1-2 minute, depending on your endurance.

  • Add intensity with a resistance band or by holding a weight.
  • For proper form, try to keep your knees at a 90 degree angle.
  • Put most of your body weight on your heels. You may feel your toes lifting slightly.
  • As you can see in the picture, always keep your spine straight. 



#6 Side-kicks - First set, 12 slow kicks with control, second set, 15 faster kicks with control

  • Keep your back straight and bend your opposite leg slightly. Power kick with the other. Clasp your hands together below your chin or at your chest for better balance.




#7 Spiderman plank - Keep your spine as straight as possible and tighten your abs the whole time for 1 minute, while alternating legs