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February 03, 2020 3 min read

Gym Hacks you should know!

 Here are a few hacks we've put together to make your life in the gym more comfortable and efficient!


  • Label a clear water bottle in 2 hour intervals to have a ballpark visual of how many ounces you should drink each hour. Half a gallon (64 oz) a day for the average person is considered standard but this quantity may vary with your size and caloric output. How many intervals you label will vary on the volume of your bottle. For example, you can label a 32 oz bottle for the first half of your day from 6am to 12pm in intervals of 2 which is 8oz (every 2 hours).


  • Have hand sanitizer handy! Apply to underarms when you start smelling as it will neutralize odors! It you have any abrasions or cuts in this area of the body you might not want to use it! The answer? Coconut oil. Coconut oil seems to be the miracle product for EVERYTHING. Well, it does do wonders for hair, nails, and skin. And apparently in the odor department as well. Carry some with you as well in a small plastic container. It will also do an amazing job at neutralizing body odor.


  • Don't have a yoga mat carrier just yet? Not to worry. Grab some hair ties and place them at both ends! For you ladies, this is a great back up in case the one you have in your hair breaks OR if you happen to forget it at home. How many of us have found ourselves at an exercise class miserable for this exact reason? *Raising my hand.


  • One of the most annoying things ever, is wanting to listen to music while your working out and-for those of us who haven't stepped up our "airpod" game- end up carrying our phone from machine to machine. This stomps on efficiency. Here's what to do. Grab a mid-length sock and cut the top part. Put it through your arm and voila! Keep one in your bag at all times just in case you're ever in the situation where you need one.


  • Place your gym locker keys in the outside part of your shoe laces, where the shoe's "tongue" is. Never lose them again!


  • Use a contact case to store your shampoo and liquid body soap and keep it handy for emergency showers!



  • Sow an elastic strap to your gym towel (doubling it to make a loop). Roll the towel up to the strap and wrap the loop around the towel to secure it in place in your bag :)


  • Rainy day but still up for your regular jog? Use press and seal wrap on your phone to keep it dry and still usable.


  • Make it a habit to place little packs of baking soda in your bag and shoes to prevent bad odors. Another way to freshen up your shoes is by either placing tea bags in your shoes or making a concoction of baking soda (1 TSP), corn starch (1 TBSP), and 5 drops of your choice essential oil,




  • Ladies, have you ever thought about sticking daily pads on the inside of your sports bra? You're welcome.


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