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April 01, 2019 2 min read

Everyday people are searching for the secret to get those lean and toned abs that only celebrities seem to achieve. While most of the contribution is diet, by following your macros for your specific lifestyle, you must also have a good workout routine to help sculpt that belly for results.

Exercise 1: Cable Crunches

This is considered the king of all workouts, by applying weight to your exercises you help stimulate muscle tear down and repair that grows the muscles bigger and stronger to show more definition. To perform this exercise you will need to find a cable machine with preset weights to select from. Next you will need to get on your knees while grabbing the two handed handle. Once you have selected the appropriate weight here is the tricky part that majority will neglect when performing this exercise. The key is using only your abdominal muscles with no swinging motion and to square up your body with the machine. When coming down you want to crunch your stomach and have your knees touch the highest point of your legs near your v line. When coming up repeat the motion by arching your back upwards in a control motion.

Exercise 2: Lateral Crunches

The next exercise on the list are lateral crunches which can be done at home and no weights are needed since this is based on repetition. This exercise targets the obliques "sides" of your belly giving you more definition allowing your 6 pack to stand out more and help with the v-line indenture. To perform this exercise simply lie down on either side and place your hand behind your head, and your second arm in a comfort position. Then raise your head and shoulders sideways towards to your hips, at the top of the exercise you want to contract your abs and come back down in a controlled manner then repeat.

Exercise 3: Russian Twist

This last exercise can be done as well at home and targets the entire core area to help develop your desired look and increase your abdominal strength. The russian twist exercise is a simple but yet effective and challenging that fools the body into thinking the workout is different every time. To perform this exercise you will need to sit down on the floor with your legs in front of you bent at a 45-90 degree angle "they can touch the floor for balance or for a harder workout keep them off the floor allowing you to balance". Keep your hands together and begin the twist motion trying to touch your hands on the floor side to side. When you do this try to lean back but not so far that you fall backwards to help engage more abdominal activity.