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Once you submit your application our team will review it. Applications take up to 24 hours to approve. Be sure to check your email for your approval letter

CONGRATS! Your next step is to follow our simple 4 step process to help you get started.


1.) Setting up your back office to get paid

2.) Put your link/coupon code in your social media bio to help us track your orders to pay you.

3.) Get access to our Free Ambassador Starter Kit with a secret link only you get access to.

4.) Once your starter kit is delivered start promoting and tag us in your post, story, and reels to help you start getting orders.

Our Ambassadors have seen orders within thier first 1-2 weeks of joining. By following our expectation guideline you will be able to see progress sooner than most programs out there.


1.) Post fitness content at least (2) or more a month so your following keeps seeing your favorite product reccomendations to buy from you. Be sure to tag @ultimatumxsupplements

2.) Participate in our giveaways so your following has a chance to win free product and eventually buy from you.

3.) Check your email once a month to receive our education blogs. These emails deliver the newest content on how to build your social media faster and help you start receiving monthly orders from your customers.

We do not require anyone to get anything. But there is a difference between being honest and hype. By your following seeing you wear the shirt or taking our awesome products they know for a fact you are not just another influencer just in it for hype. Ambassadors who get our starter kit will see results faster than those just maing a post.

Approved Ambassadors will receive an email to login to thier back office. From their you will be prompted to enter your paypal email for us to sned your payment. It is very important that you fill this out otherwise we will not be able to pay you.

Ambassadors are paid every 1st and 14th of the month.

Ambassadors also have the option to earn store credit towards supps/merch from our store if they do not want to be paid.

Just simply tag @ultimatumxsupplements on your Instagram/Tiktok for us to feature you. All we require is keep your content professional, wear the brand, and show off your favorite products.

As a bonus for continuous exposure if you have a professional photographer with high definition photos we will review your content and feature you on our main feed!

We are messaged everyday by people asking to become sponsored. However we ONLY sponsor internally through our ambassador program due to the large amount of fake followers, likes, comments, but most importantly the lack of integrity when it comes to social media.

Ultimatum X runs on 3 core values

- Honesty

- Loyalty

- Commitment

You don't need the largest following or the shreddest body. Its about meeting our core values and how many people you help reach thier fitness goals. As long as you meet those basic requirements we will reach out to you for a sponsorship deal.