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September 10, 2020 2 min read

Do you want to burn more fat in your workouts? Try the following exercises and incorporate at least 2 into your routine.

Plyometric exercises are body weight exercises with the addition of a jump or some sort of explosive movement. This added element makes these type of exercises ideal for athletes or more advanced individuals. They are not recommended for inexperienced individuals because they require more strength and speed than more common exercises. They are also not recommended from people who are recovering from an injury.

Its been shown that plyo exercises increase power, strength, and speed in as little as 4 weeks to 8 weeks and are usually incorporated into athletes workout routines to improve their athletic ability. Regardless if you're an athlete or not, plyo will take your workouts to a whole new level and lead to faster fat burn and muscle build.


#1 - Plyo Kettlebell Push-Up


Assume the drop position with one hand planted on the floor and the other gripping a kettlebell. Lower yourself until your upper arms are parallel to the floor.
Quickly push your arms to a full extension.

As you push your arms upwards, switch the kettlebell to your other hand.
Lower yourself again and repeat the process switching the kettlebell each time.


#2 - Plyo Touchdown Switch


First, get into a lateral lunge position > Step out to one side with your arms out in front of you, parallel to the floor. > Squat on the leg in front of you bringing your knee parallel to the floor, and extend the opposite leg fully. > Keep both feet flat on the floor.

In lateral lunge, reach your hand to the opposite toe. Keep your chest high. Alternate sides quickly by pushing through each foot to help you come back up.


#3 - Squat Thruster


Time to spice up those squats!

First start in a high plank position. > Jump your feet forward into a wide squat and simultaneously bring your hands off the floor. They could be right in front of you or you could put them in prayer position. > You should pause in this position before coming back down into plank to repeat the process. > Your goal is to do as many as you can as quickly as possible with correct form each time.

#4 - Box Drill


Begin by balancing on your right foot keeping your knee slightly bent.

The movement requires you to jump three times around an "imaginary box," once to the left, forward, to the right, and then switching legs doing the same thing on the other side. Your goal here is to make small jumps quickly. Use your arms to help you balance!

This one will BURN.

If you're just starting out, it's recommended to do 2–3 sets and 3–5 reps per set.
Doing them 2–4 times per week, with 48–72 hours rest in between is ideal. Increase reps little by little as you gain strength, and make sure that your form stays consistent throughout the workout for max effectiveness.

Time to get even stronger!