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by Joanna Gil March 03, 2020 4 min read

In our day and age, having multiple health and fitness resources you can trust and visit regularly to gain greater insight on controversial topics is very important to build a sound belief system on topics that are so easily distorted.




In the area of nutrition and fitness, it can be hard to narrow down to top 5 or even top 10 resources whether they come from Instagram, websites, or Pinterest boards. There is just SO much information out there and a lot of times, this information is often contradictory, which makes it even harder to choose what's right and wrong. Worse, it can make us feel extremely overwhelmed and frustrated.

That's why I've complied a list of credible resources for you to check out so you are at least sure you are pointed in the right direction. Some are definitely more entertaining reads than others but hopefully you can find something that you enjoy! Besides our blog of course! (Wink, wink!).




Here is a group of websites that are at the very top. These are associated with scientific communities and organizations and you can be pretty sure the information is strongly backed up. I will group these in one separate list since they are extremely informative and you really can't go wrong with any of them.


  1. - You can find recipes, weight loss strategies, food data, free printables, and even a food keeper app in which you can browse by category of food in order to learn how to store foods to keep certain products as fresh as possible.
  1. Academy of Nutrition and - Has a more family-friendly approach where you can find the dietary guidelines, free printables for the whole family, weight loss information, fitness articles, fertility and reproduction info, and a section dedicated to men, women, kids and seniors.
  2. - you can find great information on vitamins and minerals. 
  3. is from the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine - This would be a good starting point for finding out more about non-conventional studies.

  1. I think its important to know and understand the dietary guidelines for Americans and the MyPlate food guide. A lot of people aren't crazy about the new guide and it does have it's limitations, however, think of it as just a GUIDE. For example, as a nutritionist myself I can tell you that I do not have a glass of milk with every meal, nor is this necessary! Calcium and vitamin D can come from so many other sources. So do not take this guide literally. I would suggest reading a bit more in-depth about each food group and why it's important if you want to find ways to apply the guidelines to your life. I think we all definitely should seek ways to eat from all food sources with balance, moderation and variety.
  2. - They cover a range of topics, a lot of them being aimed at medical professionals but it is a good place to learn more about current nutrition research including plant-based diets for athletes, pregnancy, and children, as well as basic macro info.
  1. - learn about various diseases, find support, volunteer opportunities, ways to give, andcovers a lot of the dietary links to heart disease, including recommendations on omega-3 fats.
  1. All about diabetes.
  2. You guessed it!
  1. National Institutes of - Diet and heart disease information and so much more. This is really THE database to go to for statistics, links to original research and public health information.
  2. -comprehensive info on vitamins, minerals and other supplements.
  3. American Institute for Cancer - Up-to-date cancer research.
  1. FARE - - From food allergy prevention to support groups this site has a pretty broad selection to gain general knowledge and where you can find support if you or a family member has been recently diagnosed.


 My additional top choices (not in any particular order):




#1- - ideal weight loss programs based on exercise and a balanced diet including for people with diabetes as well.


#2 Harvard School of Public Health (Nutrition Source) - Overall great resource because come on.. Harvard? Lot's of articles discussing their own research studies in layman's terms


#3 Award winning media source Sound Bites - You will find topics from science to psychology and interviews with experts in the nutrition field.


#4 Food & Nutrition- Here you will find tons of great articles from the magazine itself. Awesome recipes, nutrition trend discussions, and more.


#5 - WebMd - WebMD can be a tricky one, try to take things published here with a grain of salt and always do further digging before taking something as fact!


# 6 - Healthline - I love this site a lot because most of their articles are reviewed by medical professionals/RDs before they are published! There are all kinds of fitness as well as nutrition articles.


#7 - Dietetically Speaking - This RD is truly incredible in the way she portrays nutrition information in an easy-to-read manner and sticks to the facts. Her point of view in many topics in balanced, presenting both sides of the equation, which is super important when discussing nutrition.


#8 - - information on food dyes and additives.


Surf around these sites with intention, take what serves you and be on your way to a heartier lifestyle!


Also, please feel free to email us if you have other great resources so we can add them to the list!


Thank you!


Joanna Gil

-Nutritionist, BS, Texas Woman's University 2017'


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