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Thermos Shaker

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Ditch the old plastic and complement your gym look with our new and improved stainless steel thermos shaker that keeps the temperature of your drink hot or cold longer. We also added a measuring ruler that is stamped inside and outside for easy and precise measurement for your supplements.

  • Equipped with anti-corrosion to keep your drink perfectly safe and worry-free for consumption. 
  • Perfect size and discreet allowing you to carry 25oz of fluid to the gym, work, vacation, travel, or anywhere on the go.
  • Kitchen grade 304 stainless steel that is strong, durable, & sweat & odor proof vs the plastic 
  • Built-in shaker lid technology that makes mixing easy and effortless! No more wasting time trying to find that mixing ball that came with your shaker cup
  • Plastic shakers you need to overtighten for a complete seal. Our shaker has a  leakproof lid that is easy to put on or remove!